Sex is probably one of the most important factors that allow a couple to actually shed their inhibitions and bond physically as well as emotionally. It is all about giving and receiving pleasure to each other.

However, in due course of time, regular sex does tend to get boring. In such a case, instead of living in the boredom, one must try and spice things up. This keeps the excitement of sex between two people alive and also adds pleasure to the entire experience. Thankfully, now there are various kinds of sex toys available that serve the purpose perfectly.

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Let us have a look at some of the popular sex toys that can help you rediscover many things about each other.

Butt Plugs

These are also known as love plugs. Can be used by men and women in straight or gay relationships. Butt plugs generally are conical projections, that must be inserted inside the anus. They also have a shaft that decides the length of the plug and has a flared base for safety.

The main aim of a butt plug is to enjoy the sexual pleasures that are hidden in and around the anus. The anus and the area around it contain numerous nerve endings, these nerve endings give a tremendous amount of pleasure when teased in the right manner.

A butt plug stretches the skin around the anus, which in turn activates the nerve endings that end up becoming sexually pleasurable.

One can insert a butt plug inside the anus and continue having regular sexual intercourse or try anything else. The butt plug inside the anus will continue sending erogenous signals; you can also grind your buttocks to heighten the pleasure offered by the butt plugs.

Yet another amazing feature about butt plugs is that it can be enjoyed by men as well as women, despite the fact that women do not have a prostate that allows an orgasm through the anus.