Do People Use Butt Plugs When Dating?

The butt plug is a unisex sex toy and the demand for this is equal from both the genders. It gives pleasure and the person starts feeling and enjoying sex better with these toys. This is one of the most commonly used toys when people go on dating for it arouses a person`s desire for sex and he or she gets closer and intimate to the opposite gender easily. In a nutshell, using this while masturbation, foreplay or any type of sexy fun, it enhances pleasure and orgasms and this way the person experiences a higher degree of satisfaction and joy.

Why men use butt plugs?

Men always enjoy anal penetration and this feels and gives the real pleasure and joy of sex. Now when they start using a curved or a bent (shaped) butt plug, they get to know and hit the right spot at the right time. It is an addition to the prostate stimulation and it makes them feel and enjoy all types of sexual postures and pleasures completely. Using a butt plug correctly and efficiently would also contract the muscles around the private areas making the parts more strong and ready for the climax stretching the time on the bed for longer. So the climax becomes a more enjoyable and durable one.

Why women use butt plugs?

The reason is the same like that felt by a male while using the butt plug which is nothing but pleasure. While this is used by a woman, it gives more pressure on the vaginal wall and increases and enhances the level of sensation thus making her more involved in the activity. At the same time using this would actually lessen the space available thus making the muscles around the anus a little tighter ready for a better and improved sexual pleasure. Buy these cute things at loveplugs at discounts and enjoy the best of life at its best.