Dating Chaste Women

You need to be sure about this:

Like all other sexual preferences, this one comes with as many strings and riders as the others. if you are one of those who believes that dating a chaste woman is all that you crave for then there is nothing stopping you really. There are also tools and websites on the internet already that will help you in this.

Why men like to date chaste women:

Before we get into any generalization traps, I would like to make it clear that I am not making any big deal about chastity. Just like how every person is entitled to his sexual preferences, fantasies, and fetishes, this may well be one of them. And I am by no means even belittling this. It is just as it is as a matter of fact.

Men who are chaste themselves, a small percentage look to date chaste women. These are mostly the men who have saved themselves to be given to their wives on their wedding night. They think that it is the best gift to give intact with sexual experience. now, the thing is that this small percentage of men who have gone all out to save themselves would love to have someone in their lives too who has similar ideas and values and who has been saving herself to be given to him.

Not a bad proposition but we need to be practical too!

They say “there is nothing in this world that you cannot find” and nothing can be farthest from this universal truth. But the point I am trying to draw here is that if you are inching towards marriage and you either know beforehand that your partner is not chaste or you have suddenly come to know about it, there is no need to panic. You may have to deal with the fact rather than bush it under the rug. The point is that the past is past and if she is ready to be with you and loves you unconditionally, she deserves this chance and you and your happiness deserve to have a bright future, just like her!