Health Benefits Of Getting Married

One of the basic teachings of Islam to its followers is to get married at the right age. The right age of marriage may now be a moot point but during the times of the Prophet, may peace be upon him was when the man and the woman attained puberty and were ready to physically cohabit with each other.

Islam conjoins a duty on the parent so the groom and the bride to make sure that their wards are married at the appropriate time and not left without marriage for a time wherein the Satan can seduce them to tread on the wrong path of immorality.

It does not just stop there. The faith in its all-encompassing wisdom proclaims a right of remarriage and staying married even of the bride or the groom is a widow, widower or a divorcee. At any point of time that the person is not married, he is susceptible to the pangs of Satan and he can commit adultery and such sins that are very big in the eyes of his Lord.

But isn’t it a little too difficult to find the right match?

Zara and Abbas met online at a matrimony site, especially for Muslims. They clicked off immediately and soon were privately chatting on the same site called زواج. In a couple of months, Zara’s parents met up with Abbas’s parents and a date was fixed for the betrothal and the Nikah (marriage). There seems to be nothing out of place here.

But Zara is from Turkey and Abbas stays in Saudi Arabia and there would have had been no way that the couple would have met anytime in their lives except for the brilliant work that these websites do!

Zara and Abbas have been married for five years and are blessed with two twins Asma and Shifa. They reiterate that if they had not found anyone else they would have decided to stay single. Compatibility is a big thing for both of them!…