Asking Questions On A Date Is An Art

Looking for tips to make your date interesting! There are some interesting ways to have a successful date with the girl you are interested in. Having an interesting conversation and getting to know each other is necessary if you genuinely like someone.

Looks and beauty are important but equally essential are that you find your date to be interesting, genuine, and intelligent with a good sense of humor. How does one find out about these? On a date, of course!

Here are some conversation starters for you. These are great questions to ask a girl if you are taking her out for a date.

  • Compliment your date on her looks, clothes, shoes, accessories etc. But do not overdo it. You can ask her some situation- based questions, something that would be an ice-breaker and get you started smoothly. For example, if you see her enjoying a movie you could ask her about her favorite movies, actors etc.,
  • Be natural and intersperse the conversation by giving her some information about yourself. Go with the flow. Do not make the conversation to appear forced. Use your humor and try to ask some open- ended questions like her hobbies and other interests or you could ask her about her work, childhood etc.,
  • If you find that she’s introverted or bored, try using your sense of humor to catch her attention. Narrate some interesting anecdote about yourself or some funny story that will make her laugh. If you can correlate the situation with some fun story or joke without appearing rude, that would be great.
  • You could ask her about a bucket list of wishes; Whether she’s fond of books, movies, and what she does in her leisure. Take cues from the present situation or if you know her already, you could pose her some specific question about her job, or her likes/ dislikes etc., whether she like photography, anything that would make it easy for you both to converse freely and have a good time together.

The most important thing is to have a few ice breaker questions and get chatting. The rest will soon fall into place and you will know whether you really like the girl and whether she is interested in you or not.…